Kerala Style House by Ojasviha

This is a one single storey unit designed with a Kerala style architecture and little modern touch. Key element in this design is a central courtyard with a semi formal living. Meditation and library adds a unique combination pattern for internal spaces which faces towards mountains.

By incorporating green spaces and water bodies keeps the temperature moderate during summer season. Considering the climate there we have retained the Kerala style of architecture for roofing system by keeping the roofs slope and the wall little higher than the usual.

 Even the materials we have tried to use eco friendly materials such as wood, exposed bricks. For roofing system we have utilized shingles which is great materials for tropical wet and dry climate. It also reduces the heat penetration inside the house. Keeping the floor plan simple and spacious incorporated more levels in roof plan which gives a pleasing façade design pattern.

project type:
Residential Architecture
3400 sft
Mr. Jiju George
Native Kerala Style